Happy Fall everyone! We’ve finally got that cool breeze in the air and it’s starting to feel like fall. With that in mind it is time for some Fall and Holiday Mini Sessions! Our mini sessions are the perfect opportunity to get some beautiful updated family pictures (or pictures of just the kids if you prefer) for all your holiday cards and gift giving needs this holiday season.
Mini Sessions are 30 min long for a family of up to 5 people. (Babies must be at least 6 month old) I never want us to feel rushed though so I am allowing for some transition time between sessions. With that in mind, please know that you will absolutely get a 30 min session even if my previous session runs a bit over. You will get your proofing gallery with fully edited images 1-2 weeks after your session date, from there you pick your 15 favorites which will be delivered to you via digital download with full print release. The mini sessions will be held at a predetermined location and we’ll have limited time slots available. Once I’ve confirmed a date and time slot for you, 50% of the session fee is due to hold your spot. We reserve the right to cancel a session due to inclement weather but will make every effort to provide an alternative date to reschedule.
These session slots typically book up fast so contact us today for your preferred date and time at info@tictactoephotography.com or 512-415-4683.
 Available dates and times:

10/22/17 Morning slots available from 8:00AM – 11:00AM (Downtown Georgetown, beautiful colors and textures with an urban vibe)

10/29/17 Morning slots available from 8:00AM – 11:00AM (Cedar Park Green Space/Park Location)

11/5/17 Morning slots available from 7:30AM – 10:30AM (Cedar Park or North Austin Green Space/Park Location, please note daylight savings ends that day, clocks are set back an hour)

11/12/17 Morning slots available from 7:30AM – 10:30AM (Cedar Park or North Austin Green Space/Park Location TBD)

11/12/17 Evening slots available from 3:00PM – 5:00PM (Austin Downtown, Urban location)

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Bluebonnet Mini Sessions

Spring is my all time favorite season! All this fresh green and blooms and wildflowers everywhere, plus the temperatures are still bearable. What’s not to like? Well, maybe all the pollen in the air, I can’t wait for this oak to finish spewing yellow dust all over everything.

So anyways, with Spring comes wildflower and specifically bluebonnet season!!!
I am limited to one weekend this year so hopefully the weather will cooperate. The mini sessions are $250 (plus tax), you will get a 30 min session and will be able to view your online gallery of 15-25 edited images within 7-10 days from your shoot. From those proofs you can pick 10 images that you will receive via digital download so you can use and print them right away. Or if you prefer, I have professional prints and print products available trough my lab. Please inquire for pricing and options.Mini sessions are booked for consecutive time slots and will be held at a predetermined location in the Austin area. Most likely North Austin/Cedar Park unless I get inquiries for other locations.

Available dates and times:

Sat April 1 Morning time slots from 8:00am – 10:30am

Sat April 1 Evening time slots from 6:00pm – sunset

Sun April 2 Morning time slots from 8:00am – 11am

Sun April 2 Evening time slots from 6:00pm – sunset

These time slots typically go fast so contact me soon to secure your date and time! (info@tictactoephotography.com or 512-415-4683)

BB Mini Promo Spring 2017


Fall is in the air, hello cooler temperatures!! With that I can finally announce the fall mini session dates!

The mini sessions are for individual children or families of up to 5 people. Mini sessions are 30 min long and are perfect to get some updated family pics or record those all important milestones for your children, just in time for holiday card season! Plus score extra points with the grandparents this holiday season by giving them beautiful portraits of your kids and family.

The mini sessions are $350 (incl. tax), you will get a 30 min session and will be able to view your online gallery of 15-25 edited images within 7-10 days from your shoot. From those proofs you can pick 10 images that you will receive via digital download so you can use them for your card and gift making right away. Or if you prefer, I will have several beautiful card options available trough my lab. Please inquire for pricing and options.

Mini sessions are booked for consecutive time slots and will be held at a predetermined location in the Austin area. I will offer both outdoor/natural settings and urban downtown locations.

Available dates and times:

Sun Oct 2 Morning time slots from 8:00am – 9:30am (park setting North Austin/Cedar Park area)

Sat Oct 15 Evening time slots from 5:00pm – 7:00pm (location TBD)

Sat Oct 22 Morning time slots from 8:00am – 9:30am (likely urban downtown Georgetown location)

Sun Oct 23 Morning time slots from 8:00am – 9:30am (likely urban downtown Austin location)

Sat Nov 5 Morning time slots from 8:00am – 9:30am (location TBD)

These time slots typically go fast so contact me soon to secure your date and time! (info@tictactoephotography.com or 512-415-4683)


Hey there, Spring! You got here a little early but we don’t mind one bit. Wow, the bluebonnets are out early this year, like a whole 2 weeks early, maybe more. No wonder the mild winter has confused us all, the temperatures this past week were insane! Pretty fantastic weather for spring break!

So just like that one of my favorite times of the year is here. With it, carpets of our beloved bluebonnets are emerging and I am finding myself scrambling to fit in some open dates for bluebonnet mini sessions, earlier than expected. These mini sessions are popular every year so if you are thinking of doing a session, don’t wait. No guarantees how long the flowers will stick around. They obviously have a mind of their own.

Due to limited open weekend dates this year I am doing things a little differently. I will be offering two types of mini sessions, weekday minis and weekend minis.

The weekend mini sessions are still $325 with tax and include a 30 min session for up to 5 people, each additional person is a $25 add-on. You will get 20 or so fully edited proofs delivered to you through an online gallery from which you can choose 10 digital files with full print release.

The weekday mini sessions will be the same as the weekend minis but will be discounted to $275 (tax included), so if you’ve got flexibility during the week, here’s your chance to save!

Open dates are still a moving target so please contact me at info@tictactoephotography.com for a full list of available dates. I will be holding sessions throughout the greater Austin area depending on demand for a certain area and available bluebonnet patches. I do not shoot on the side of roads or highways due to safety concerns for your little ones. Spring_BB Mini Sessions Promo 2016 copy


Fall is Here!

I feel that air turning slightly cooler in the evenings and mornings so fall must be here. Ha, that’s about the only change you’ll notice here in Texas at least until the later fall months. Nevertheless, fall is a busy season for all of us. Don’t wait around until it’s too late to get your family and holiday pictures taken. October and November are prime months and with a bit of luck and some cooler nights coming our way we may even see some fall colors soon.

We are starting to do fall mini sessions next week. So check out these dates and get on the schedule, these dates will fill up quickly!
Oct. 10th morning or evening
Oct. 17th morning
Oct. 18th morning or evening
Oct 24th evening
Oct 25th morning
Nov 1st evening
Nov 7th morning
Nov 8th morning

If you are interested in booking a mini session please e-mail me at info@tictactoephotography.com and let me know what dates you are interested in.

Fall Minis 2015 1800px

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break and Christmas. Wow, just like that we’ve entered a new year. I still have to get used to writing that 2015. Don’t you?

I am not a big resolution maker generally but I did make a resolution to get myself on a regular blogging schedule. No more 3-months breaks from blogging, I pinky promise! Blogging is a challenge for me so it tends to be the first thing that falls wayside off that never ending to-do list. But I ‘ve resolved to plan these blog posts better and at a more consistent interval so keep coming back, there will be new posts. But enough with the talking, let’s get right to it!

This super hip family are long-time clients of mine. For this session mom wanted to do a shoot downtown and capture some of the ultra hip spots around the W hotel. We ended up not being able to shoot inside the W (except for the very last few shots) so had to change plans slightly but I think it worked out really great. We truly had a blast walking around and finding interesting spots. I love this family and being able to watch these kiddos grow up is an absolute honor.

Nassfam blogpost1 Nassfam blogpost2 Nassfam blogpost3 Nassfam blogpost4

I’ve been *sitting* on this blog post for way too long. Sometimes it is just hard to find the right words. But perhaps there are no right words? I’ll explain.

I’ve had a lot of little and bigger reminders this year about how precious life really is. To not take ANYTHING for granted. Ever. To show love and appreciation for the life I have, my family, having kids that are healthy and thriving, having a safe home. All those things we sort of take for granted,  we need to be thankful for them. Every day. Because truly, all of this could change in a day’s time.

First my bestie got diagnosed with breast cancer in January at age 38. She’s finished with her treatments and is doing well. More on this later.

I met this beautiful family through a mutual friend of mine. She is a nurse (I know so many awesome nurses!). This friend of mine was telling me about this mom’s daughter who had been diagnosed with Leukemia recently. Not only is she my daughter’s age, she also has a twin sister (So do I!). So mom was looking for someone to take family pictures for them before her daughter, Bridget, was going through her chemo treatments and would loose her hair. She thought that having those pictures would help Bridget get through some of the rough spots a little easier. Remind her that it is still her, same beautiful person, that this would just be a temporary thing. I totally agree and I told her I would do it.  Then she also said that they had never had family pictures done before. I later found out that they were also amongst the families that lost their home a few years ago when those nasty wildfires were raging through Bastrop. Ugh, I know, this is heavy stuff! You ask yourself WHY and how one can deal with so many challenges. I just stand in awe over how strong this family is.

If you wouldn’t know all this and would look at these pictures, you would think this family is just like yours or mine. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I met them but was totally prepared to get emotional at some point. But what I saw was love and warmth and lots of giggles and laughter, and two twin girls that seem incredibly close. They would consistently break out in giggles whenever someone said “chicken dog” (I know it’s random, must be a twin-inside-joke-thing ;-)) I almost forgot that heavy load they were carrying on their shoulders, not knowing what would come next for Bridget. And Bridget, she has got to be one of the most charismatic, confident 11-year olds I’ve ever met. They both were so full of personality!

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet them. Bridget (she’s the one with the lighter hair) and her family is in my thoughts and in my heart forever. After only an hour with them I can tell that she’s one strong little cookie and this cancer thing will not bring her down. And with the love and support she has from her sister, her family and friends I just know that they will get through this and come out stronger, more connected and with lots of laughter.

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Happy Fall Y’all!! Don’t you love the cool fall breeze and that feeling of the holiday season just around the corner? I do. It’s my favorite time of the year!

With fall also comes one of the busiest times of the year though. One that we all could use a little help with. Well, I’d like to help you out by getting one thing checked off your list, getting some fun new family photos for your holiday cards and so you can appease the grand parents and relatives with updated pictures 😉

Fall is the perfect time to get some new family photos done! We have a few October and November mini session dates left. After these are gone my schedule is booked except for the occasional mid-week morning or evening session slot. So don’t wait, grab a spot while you can!

Available dates:

Oct 18th (morning)

Oct 25th (morning)

Oct 26th (evening)

Nov 15th (morning)

Mini sessions are 30 min long for up to 5 family members and are $350 (+tax). Each add. person is +$25. You will receive 10 fully edited full resolution images on CD with print release and  a Facebook timeline cover photo. Mini Sessions are scheduled consecutively back-to-back for either morning or evening times. Time slots are reserved on a “first come first serve” basis. The shooting location will vary and be determined closer to the actual session date. I take preferences and driving distances into account when choosing locations. Most fall sessions are done in a natural like setting.

Holiday Minis 2014

It was a refreshing change of pace to photograph this adorable couple’s first anniversary. They were just so cute together! Loved all the ideas she had and collaborating with her on this session to make this special. Commemorating that first year anniversary is really such a good idea. With the stress of the wedding day behind them and a year of marriage under their belt that love of theirs just shines right through. They were just so cute together!

Happy First Anniversary to them!

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Happy Friday to you! I am sure everyone is aware that this Sunday is Mother’s Day.

As a mom myself I know that this day is kinda important on the scale of various holidays throughout the year.

ONE day, to not be in charge of dinner, or laundry or feeding the kids 3 meals a day – and various snacks in between, helping with home work, cleaning up whatever mess just happened to land on floor… Moms do their “job” with love and selflessness all year and really don’t expect much in return. Little gestures like handmade cards and drawings from the kids, mean so much. I truly treasure them all.

Every time I hug my kids I wish I could hold on to that moment forever, make time stand still. They just grow up way too fast. I am pretty sure every mom feels that way. So here’s an idea that will make her day – give her lasting memories by gifting a photo session. Just mom and the kids. Let’s capture that love and bond that is stronger and deeper than anything I could ever imagine. Let’s give mom a moment in time that time actually stands still.

If you would like to gift this session for Mother’s Day I can e-mail you a printable gift certificate. Please contact me ASAP for details. The Mommy & Me Mini Sessions will be available until the end of May. Sessions need to be scheduled before September 1, 2014.

Mothersday_promo 2014